Thursday, December 01, 2016

We headed north to Payson on Monday. As we neared town, the first ominous sign. Vehicles with snow on their roofs. It started snowing once we reached town. It didn't look so bad as we headed out, but by the time we got to the project area, we could see snow covering most of the ground. It is impossible to survey for sites when there is snow everywhere.

Snow and fog.

Back to the hotel, where I watched Goonies and Tremors and went to the Mexican restaurant and had a gross meal. 

The next morning we headed back out. It sure was pretty.

Snowy trees.

But still a lot of snow everywhere and again impossible to see the ground.

The beard helps keep me warm.

To the north is the Mogollon Rim. And it really was lovely.

Mogollon Rim.

Back to the hotel, and then back to Tucson. We return on Monday to see if we can continue the survey.

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