Thursday, July 02, 2020

Arizona has the highest infection rate for Covid-19. Thousands of people are found to be infected every day. The Governor refuses to require face masking in public. Luckily, Mayor Romero in Tucson has done so.

On Monday, I went to Safeway and was pleased to see a sign on the door, "Masks must be worn inside." Everyone had masks on until I got to the back, where two young men were unmasked. I told them loudly, "You need to have a mask on." I got some bananas and came across them again. I was so mad. I shouted at them, "Someone I know died from Covid-19. Put on a fucking mask!" Later when I was buying stuff they were a few people behind me, staring at me.

If they aren't wearing masks, they are not social distancing, hanging out, attending parties. The majority of people testing positive in Arizona now are people under the age of 35. So over it. They need to wear a mask and behave.

 In other news, my lemon trees are busy making lemons. I got a huge water bill and have been better about not wasting water. Matt told me the small sunflowers are done, so I have stopped.

Green Meyer lemons.

I'm still doing puzzles. Have been working on my Civil War soldier book. Am watching the 3rd and last season of the German show Dark. Tonight I am re-organizing my genealogy files, which need this because I got rid of the old metal filing cabinet.

Tomorrow is the 4th of July. There really isn't any reason to celebrate. I will have to make noise in the house because the neighbors like to shoot fireworks and that scares Ruby.

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