Sunday, September 20, 2020

 Matt and I drove east to Hatch, New Mexico on Friday. It was the first time we have gone on a long trip since Covid 19 started.

Hatch is known for its chili peppers. We drove through Hatch and went to look at the Rio Grande, which was flowing with muddy-colored water. We saw one field with colorful peppers.

Pepper field.

Back in Hatch we stopped at the Pepper Pot restaurant.

Matt  on a John Deere.

We sat down outside and ate at the restaurant, the first sit-down meal since March 7th. I had the grilled cheese with green chilis and onion rings.

Matt and Homer.

Down the street were a lot of fun statues.

Green and Red Chilis.

We stopped at Grijalva's Farm so that Matt could buy green Hatch chilis. I bought a red chili ristra for the Presidio Museum.


You can order a 40 pound box for $35, mild, medium, or hot.

Chili roasting area.

The area smelled so nice.

Burlap bags of green chilis.

The roasters are natural gas fired, and rotate, exposing the outside of the chilis to intense heat. The skin blackens and finally the roasters stop, the chute is washed, and the chilis sent into a large plastic bag in a box.


The truck smelled nice all the way home. Today Matt made me some Hatch chili cornbread. It was delicious.

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Version 57, Blog Post 2900.

This last year has been something else.  

So what's been happening?

I spent two weeks watching a trench being dug under a downtown street. Some of the trench was dug using a giant vacuum that sucked up dirt and water. Found a few things. Downtown is mostly deserted still, although the courthouse was functioning.


The first day I arrived and no one was there. An artificial foot was lying next to the bus stop. Strange.


Sometimes, after the varmints have left the bedroom, I open the French door so it can cool off. One morning after taking a shower something moved on the floor. A little toad was hopping around. So weird.


I caught it, put it a bowl, and took over to Mission Garden. I ran into one of the guys running the Garden and he said it was okay to release it there (it is a native species). There was an enormous Colorado River Toad hopping around and the new acequia has many little endangered fishes swimming around.

Toad in the acequia.

Lots of plants and trees doing what they like to do. 


I got a 1930s or 1940s puzzle on Ebay. 

Tuco Picture Puzzle.

Interesting to put together- the pieces do not interlock and move around easily, especially if Buddy Cat decides to walk over it.


Clyde Kitty comes inside twice a day for breakfast and supper. He is getting fat. He likes to play and I have to watch because his teeth are sharp.


I'm gathering things for a non-profit auction and went to Habitat Store and found a couple of paintings for a total of $15.

Hanging on my wall.

Ruby wants Clyde to play with her, Clyde puts up with her and if not afraid of her.

Clyde and Ruby.

Snowball hates Clyde, mostly. Buddy Cat ignore him.

Snowball says, "I hate you!"

On Labor Day Matt and I went down to Bisbee. Nice to walk around. We posed with our masks off but behaved, unlike most visitors, and wore them otherwise.


When he comes over, Ruby is all over him.

Ruby has a boyfriend.

I bought another 1930s-1940s puzzle at the antique store. It is made from wood.  When I finished it last night I discovered one piece was missing.

Wooden puzzle.


Friday, August 14, 2020

The monsoon isn't very monsoony this year. Only one big rain at my house. It did get windy one day and a big branch broke on the willow acacia. Matt came over and cut it down and removed it while I was attending a Zoom board meeting. Thanks Matt!


The barrel fishhook cactus in my backyard is blooming. Very pretty.

Cactus flowers.

I've been watching Perry Mason with Matt. Very well done. Have to pay close attention. I ordered a Perry Mason book from the library. To get the book you go to the desk and they bring it to you, masked and with gloves on. When I go over on the weekend Buddy-boo (Gandalf) is there. He likes to have his tummy rubbed.


At home I feed Clyde twice a day. After he finishes he likes to have his tummy rubbed too, purring loudly. He trusts me, doesn't like other people.


Had a falling out with someone who described a Trump-voting friend as "nice." No. Someone who votes for Donald Trump, knowing all of the horrible things he has done, it not nice. They are evil. Complicit in the racism. In the children in cages. In the destruction of nature. In the defense of neo-Nazis and child rapers. You vote for Trump, you share his values. You are not nice. You are evil.

That's my opinion.

Monday, August 03, 2020

Matt and I wanted to get out of town, so we drove down to the ghost town of Fairbank on the San Pedro River. I forgot to take pictures of the ghost town buildings. It was disappointing that the old school house, which has exhibits, was closed because of the pandemic.

We walked on the trail to the cemetery and stamp mill. We saw some fun critters. We saw several cute millipedes.


Then we saw a furry tarantula. Matt was freaked out by it. If he hadn't been there I would have picked it up. So cute!


On the way back he spotted a snake slithering across the path. It was not a rattlesnake. I do not want to pick up snakes.


There were also some pretty flowers, blooming because the area has gotten some monsoon rain. It was only rained once in Tucson at my house.

Paper flower!

We went to the Fairbank cemetery, which is up on a hill. There are piles of rocks marking individual graves. I think we saw three home-made concrete gravestones.

Matt and Homer.

The scenery from the top of the cemetery is real nice. You can see the Whetstone Mountains far away. The dark green vegetation are cottonwood trees growing along the now-dry San Pedro River.

Pretty scenery.

Back home a stray kitty has decided to live in my backyard. Yesterday he meowed at me when I looked over the fence (Ruby was barking at him). He looked hungry so I got him a can of cat food. He was very happy to eat it.

This morning as I was watering Ruby saw the cat and chased it up into the mesquite tree. The cat meowed at me again. I told Ruby she was being naughty and took her inside. I got another can of food and climbed on the table next to the tree and gave it to him. Backyard Kitty was very hungry! As he was eating he let me pet him and pat his back. He seems very friendly.

Backyard Kitty!

I guess I have another friend to take care of. I will have to tell Ruby to not be naughty.


Thursday, July 30, 2020

The last three weeks have seen 346, then 579, and then 556 deaths reported in Arizona. And when you go Governor Ducey's Facebook page you see all of the posts by Covid-deniers and Let's-Open-Now folks.

I wonder whether Herman Cain regretted not wearing a mask after he got sick. It is all a hoax, right?

Puzzle time! Matt gave me some puzzles. I loved this one- the unusual shape and bright colors.

 Floral puzzle.

And then there was this one. SIGH. He didn't give me the box so I had no idea what it was. So I spent hours working on it. When I had finished all of the non-white pieces, this is what I had. But then there were hundreds of white pieces. I finally told Matt that I couldn't do it. He then told me that it was rolls of toilet paper. There was even two pieces that had a Covid-19 virus.


Then I got puzzles I ordered. This one had hummingbirds and was fun to put together.

Hummingbird by Eeboo.

I went to the Museum of Art's opening of their new gallery, socially-distanced. After viewing the Meso-American artifacts (no comment), I went through the rest of the gallery. This was my favorite.

Tom Palmore.

The Presidio Museum held a socially-distanced movie viewing of Arizona (1940). I last watched it in 2004 before giving a talk on the film at the 2005 SHA conference in York, England. I just ordered the book the movie was based on through Ebay.


Neighbor Pete called me to alert me that there was a pair of javelinas in his yard. I went into my backyard and there they were. One looked at me through the fence, a foot away. Smelly!


Rose opened the front gate and they wandered out and walked down the street. I encouraged them to go back towards the desert. They were very interested in this pole.


A couple of days ago I woke up at 3:30 AM to discover that most of my electricity was not working. I was lucky to have a nice electrician come over and repair it ($120).

Electrician on the roof.

At work I am working on finishing an old report. A little tedious, lots of tracking down things.

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

A week ago Monday I got tested for Covid-19. Pima County had opened a mass testing center and was encouraging people to get tested. I did not think I was exposed to the virus, because I have been very careful, but still thought I should find out.

You have to schedule an appointment and show up on time. After providing information, I walked down a hall way and was seated in a space. The woman doing the testing then proceeded to stick a long swab up each nostril. Unpleasant, very ticklish. Also very quick.

Awaiting the swab.

I was told I would get the results on Thursday and that night the phone rang and I learned that yes, I was negative.

Still being very careful. Masks, social distancing, and washing hands. 

Thursday, July 23, 2020

I wrote a letter to my Amish brother and included photos of my living room. He has never been to Arizona, the Amish think flying is a luxury (HA HA HA).

Starting at the west side, Buddy Cat stands on the mosaic table that I got at a yard sale back in 1999. I started to strip the paint on the woodwork around the door, need to finish it, sand, and re-paint it in the fall when it cools down.

East side.

The door leads into the dining room where I am putting puzzles together. The dog painting above the door was painted by Grandpa Feiger and hung in my brother's room. I need to either get a blue globe for the Medusa lamp or find a vintage floor lamp for that corner.

South side.

I haven't watched the television in months. I use the computer instead. Matt and I are watching Perry Mason on HBO. I have questions! The Mission-style chair and couch each have a corner where Ruby decided to chew on them. I was pretty mad about that.

West side.

I've never used the fireplace. It had a dangerous gas hook-up which I had removed. Now Snowball has joined Buddy Cat on the table. The print next to the cloud painting hung in Grandma Feiger's living room for decades.

North side.

I like paintings and have bought them at estate sales and thrift stores.


Bird and goats.

I also like plates and ceramic figurines. Currently the spot where the gas heater once was has deer and elk plates, deer figurines, a flamingo planter, and salt and pepper shakers. The afghan was the last one made by my mother during her stays at my house, in either 2014 or 2015.


Ruby was feeling left out so I had to take a picture of her too. You can see a couple of my childhood toys in the fireplace.

Ruby, Buddy Cat, and Snowball.


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